An Orangery is rapidly becoming the new conservatory, coupling its distinguishing brick or stone pillar structure with modern design technology; an Orangery bridges the gap between an extension and a conservatory.

Popular in the 17th Century, Orangeries were used to house and grow a variety of exotic plants and fruits. They were usually extravagant buildings with large windows and doors with glass roofs, steel rafters and large box guttering. In the 21st Century they are being used as kitchens, lounges and that extra room every house needs.

A modern Orangery differs from a Conservatory due to incorporating in its design; brick or stone pillars, solid walls and a breathtaking roof structure.

Inside, the Orangery roof provides a stunning focal point through which light floods into your home, and allows for amazing views of the sky above.

Our Orangeries will add style, space, light and functionality and unite a home and its garden ensuring a bridge between the two.

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